It's Coming Along...

This past week has been a blast. It was my 27th birthday week and my fabulous sister-n-law and boyfriend came down (from Michigan), for their spring break, to celebrate with us. But before the festivities could begin, we had to finish up the last major renovations to our house. We had a roofing crew on top of our house for three day putting on a new roof and taking off 2 previous layers of roofing ( i guess i had no idea that legally you could put a new roof over an old one?), anyway, off with the old and on with the new!

And while the roof was getting a makeover...there may have been a few projects going on inside!

This is one of our guest rooms. It's one of my favorite rooms because of the huge windows and how much natural light it gets...but I just couldn't stand the built in bookshelves. Brian and I agreed that they just had to come down. I love that Brian is just as impulsive as I am, and as soon as that decision was made those cabinets were out of there. The walls, were sanded, puttied, sanded, puttied, sanded, primed, painted, baseboards replaced, carpet finished...and then we got our beautiful room (finished pic's to come)!!!

But we couldn't stop there, oh no, we had to fit in a few more projects. One of the most important was the Fan Project. Remember this Deco gem? We decided not to spend the $ to get the one we really want so...with a little TLC and some serious skills by my husband, we've got ourselves a new fan!