Jag är överväldigad av glädje!

That is "I am overwhelmed with joy" in Swedish...at least that is what Google translator says it means. But why in Swedish, might you ask? Well, apparently my husband has a pen pal there and I have got to learn the language in hopes that we will visit them one day (although I'm sure they are fluent in English!)

I did not learn of this "pen pal" until last night.

Elizabeth and Carlos were spending their last night of vacation with us and wanted to prepare a traditional Colombian dinner (Carlos is from Columbia). It was an amazing feast! While we were dining we began talking about taking a trip to meet Carlos's family and the traditions/customs, government, exchange rates, etc in his country... he was telling us how unreliable the mail system is in Columbia and somehow we got sidetracked onto talking about pen pals when we were kids (doubt many kids do that anymore). Anyway, Brian brings out a present for me telling me that his pen pal in Sweden sent it for me. I am so confused, excited, thinking it may be a practical joke... I have already had the best birthday imaginable, what in the world is he doing? Well, I rip through the paper and open the box to find this:

MY HEART ALMOST JUMPS OUT OF MY CHEST and I literally cannot believe what my eyes are reading. I am still pinching myself to see if this is real! Yes it says, "Happy Birthday dear Natalie from Adam & Viktoria"!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH I don't know what i am more excited about the actual gift inside or the note itself???

Hello, have none of you been reading my blog? This is the only reason I started a blog! Adam and Viktoria Pillows! Last summer Brian and I went to Tacoma, WA and stayed at the Hotel Murano http://http//www.hotelmuranotacoma.com/ where I was first introduced to most beautiful pillows on earth. I dream about them, I mean I am so totally obsessed. But there is this one, just this one pillow that i can't get over and to my luck you cannot buy them anywhere. I'm not kidding. We have contacted every place that we know of to try to get one and there was never even the slightest glimpse of hope. I would try to find something different to replace it in my mind but i just couldn't picture our living room with out one.

Well, my husband takes it upon himself to go straight to the source. He emails my IDOLS...
Adam and Viktoria (the two names i must google search a hundred times a week) and they respond, they talk back and fourth with Brian; I cannot believe it!

They send me their very last Turkish Delight pillow in Grey and Istanbul. THERE ARE NO MORE TO BE FOUND. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
Adam, Viktoria...and of course, Brian, I cannot thank you enough. This pillow will be a family heirloom; I will have it forever! I can only dream that we will be able to meet you one day! I can't wait to see all of the amazing things you continue to create.

With love,