So Saturday was the BIG DAY...my 22 year old brother called around 12:40 a.m. (Friday night/Saturday Morning)to remind me just how old 27 sounds...apparently he was already celebrating for me; (deep sigh) ahhh, to be young again!

I LOVE BIRTHDAY'S! My family has always made a really big deal out of birthdays. We have always had "birthday weeks" ...I mean come on, there is no way to celebrate how great you are in just one day! I feel like we have been celebrating closer to 2 weeks this year (this will take quite a few post). But for now, I'll start with Saturday.

Saturday Brian and I woke up and went out for some exercise, it was a beautiful morning, we were actually able to wear shorts all day! We got back to the house and made our morning ritual delicious pot of ,our favorite, We did not get to drink it here...

...But we did get to sit on our patio and enjoy it freshly ground and brewed via our Cousinart Grind and Brew (thank you Amanda and David)
and Illy Whole bean, Medium Roast coffee
Now we can officially start our day!

Elizabeth and Carlos arrive in town around 4 or so. Brian I decided to have everyone over to our house since my parents were throwing my family party Sunday night at their house.
The menu:
Fresh gulf grouper grilled and seasoned to perfection, placed on to a tasted hoagie bun with provolone cheese and topped with homemade tarter and cocktail sauce!

Oven baked red potato wedges sprinkled with Parmesan cheese (and covered in KETCHUP, oh my, how gourmet!)

Homemade coleslaw topped with baked crushed ramen noodles

...and to top it all of Margarita's made with the best William Sonoma Margarita Mix (I usually make them homemade, but it's hard to beat the WS mixes!

A Perfect Dinner!
The house was covered with flowers (thanks mom and dad)

and then there was a very creatively wrapped gift from my husband (we have been moving and cannot find anything, aka wrapping paper, so he used some roofing felt and painters tape...I LOVE IT, so cute)!


AHHHHHHH, scream,

Ok, well, the actual lamps weren't in the box and won't be here until the end of the month, but there was a picture with the sweetest note telling me that a pair of Authentic Kartell Bourgie Lamps are coming to live with us very soon! I couldn't be more excited. What a wonderful birthday!