Wedding Time!

On June 17th I flew to Michigan for Elizabeth's batchelorette party! Her wedding date was the 24th so I got to stay with my in law's for over a week and enjoy all of the wedding planning!
Here is a little glimpse of my tip!
We started out the batchelorette party with some mani's and pedi's and some of the most amazing cupcakes from Bake N Cakes - the strawberry shortcake was my favorite...I think Elizabeth was enjoying the German Chocolate Fudge!
 Amanda (my sister n law - Brian's brother David's wife), Elizabeth (Brian's baby sister), and Courtney (one of Elizabeth's friends and bridesmaid):
Moving on to DSW on the hunt for honeymoon shoes!
 Success for Jessica, Elizabeth and Amanda!
We were now off to Maru Shshi, the bride to be's absolute favorite restaurant!
 Somehow we ran into the groom (to be)...they were so insanely excited to see each other!
 Our bride to be decided to order her "man" a shot from the would have thought they were the only two in the restaurant!

The sushi the groom sent the bride in return...yummmm! 

The AWESOME bride's favorite - sexy bacon roll: 
sexy bacon with cucumber, asparagus,
crab, tempura crunchy, soy paper,
fantasy sauce, creamy garlic sauce and
shredded seaweed...gorgeous!
Then we ended up going to see Bridesmaids in Theaters @ midnight...this granny was tired!!!
The next morning we went to the all organic
Sawyer's Gourmet Pancake House...where we you know just bumped into Michigan's previous Governor Jennifer Granholm. Amanda totally spoke with her - cool!

 I had no idea there were so many incredible "local" places to eat in Lansing

Later in the week we went to the final dress fitting and Elizabeth decided to try on a few other accessories!

Then before you know it it's wedding day!!!!
Started out with Bigby coffee..
Some sweet portraits: 
The Beautiful Bride

Father Daughter Dance
 The Happy Mommy!
The Rosewood Bed and Breakfast  - unbelievable place for a wedding!
A precious little bride to be!!!

The next day...their married!!!
We had so much fun with our fam in Michigan.

We were exhausted when we got home...nothing like settling down with a few episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras (click to enlarge, haha!)