Ya learn something new every day!

Hi Friends! So I have been oh so blessed to see some pretty amazing homes here in Tucson. This is one of Within Studio's clients homes, one of many modern homes in this golf course community. I thought you might like to see how some of these Tucsonians are living!
You can see behind the red sculpture they have these automatic storm shutter that open up so you can have an all glass house when you are home or fully secured shutter when you are traveling...

Incredible art garden...and what a cute little pool for your sculpture!

They called this their Cactus Garden...um, yeah, that is the only kind of "garden" out here.

 I learned that this particular client (currently retired), but they were in the Whirligig business...honestly, I've never even heard that word before. Well, anyway that's what these are:
And this is the view from their master...I wish you could see it in person, the pic's don't do it justice, and there is all kinds of wildlife running around.