Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day Brian and I took a short drive up to Mt. Lemon. Locals say that it is basically like taking a drive from Mexico to Canada in 45 minutes. You go from desert to evergreens in no time; it's so pretty!

Close to the top of Mt. Lemon there is this small little town called Summerhaven

...and in Summerhaven we found the Cookie Cabin!!!
 this is the only size cookie they sell...AWESOME!

After a long day of exploring we made our way down the mountain to Guadalajara Grill. This place is incredible, they have a person who comes to your table and makes your custom salsa with any of the fresh ingredients you want in it. You get to try it out and you tell them what you want to add or if it's just right...soooo good!

Dinner - Chimichanga Asada : 

We finish up the day with Percy taking us on a stroll through the neighborhood...right before all of the bats come out...AHH!