Best of Atlanta: Shopping, Shopping, Eating!

This past weekend, the hubs took me to Atlanta for the best 30th birthday shopping!!! Our trip was planned around some fabulious jewelry shopping, because nothing helps you ease into 30 like a little bling! Once we found the perfect piece (which I will post when it arrives tomorrow), we beelined over to Scott Antique Market

We pulled off Scott's in 4 hours. I would not recommend that, you will definitely want a little more time to dig around all of the nooks and crannies! Here are some of the highlights from my's a photo heavy post, but I hope you enjoy!

Score! Great mirror, great price:

Rows and rows of side tables:

This was a Zinc 3-Drawer Dresser, similar to the RH one below, but for a fraction of the price.

$2,200 for this gorgeous French chest of drawers + display space:

These were in a beautiful soft blue velvet. I will definitely be using this company. Small, family owned business out of NC and they specialize in antique reproduction:

My brother and sis in law picked up a killer pair of 50's style wingbacks, how great do these look?

I am still scratching my head over why these did not leave with me. Loved these handsome burl wood chairs...unfortunately, I was the only one who loved them!

Lots of beautiful reproductions:

Great chain lamps:

This guy's work is amazing:

Pooped puppy:

Great metal hardware and loved the wood finish:

Metal mirror:

Fantastic outdoor dining, loved the stitching details on the end chairs:

Great color: 

The chain leg tables are perfect:

Metal accents on a white linen drum pendant:

Will be using these outdoor sconces:

Pair of Pegasus chairs:

French shutter mirror:

Loved the duck egg blue painted arch windows:

Great color:

Embroidered chest:

This beautiful Oushak definitely came home with us, the colors are perfect!

We wrapped up our time in ATL with an amazing dinner at JCT. Kitchen and headed home! That town never disappoints, see you soon Atlanta!