Quick thoughts on a Mediterranean Remodel

The Exterior needs some major TLC, I say keep the stucco and give her a fresh coat of paint. Love the colors below, also think the windows need added trim to reflect the style below. I think the columns can become a stone color like the image below.

I would like to see the front door become a large wood door as seen below: so that there is now a stucco band b/t the door and window above.

new colors:

I would love to clean up the entry to the dining. I am not sure why that wall steps back, but I would like it to do something like this:

 adding wainscoting to accentuate the entry:

Then you have to decide if you want to do a natural limestone floor (above) or hardwoods (below)
Bring back the mantle! I would love to see some small alcove built in to each side of the fireplace like this:

Ok, so budget permitting we gut the kitchen cabinets! I am not a fan of the step down in the countertop...or the pine cabinets or those small little lower cabinets!
something more like this: New lighting over the island, 

I guess if you absolutely had to keep the cabinets you could just refinish them in a darker stain/paint
Or, you could go with a painted scheme, like this...
Or traditional white
For the bar area i would really like to rip out the "L" shape and have something like this along the sink/window pass through wall. That way the bar does not encroach on the living room, and I would rip out the corner cabinet unit, then this becomes more of a sitting room.

 PAINT! All of the columns in the house should go back to a softer white...

What is this room?

I would love to tear out the above vanity, with those strange angles and install a clean vanity like this:

Laundry, we've got to get rid of the peach! We need something that says, clean!

Not sure where this is:

This space definately need some sprucing up! Hardwoods and wall color...maybe a little nailhead detail like this:

Pinned Image

 Other Exterior Options: