A "Different" Kind of Pretty!

Ok, so here is a little glimpse of a typical day here in Arizona. I wake up around 5:45 (and I mean wide awake, I am still not used to the 2 hr time difference), I get coffee and breakfast going and Brian and I get to have our devotion time together outside in the beautiful, brisk Tucson morning (my absolute favorite part of the day...maybe because I know there will be little to no human interaction in the hours to follow!!)

Then I get these guys going. Apparently, you are supposed to be drinking two of these a day...and I don't mean just because it's good for you, I mean you have to just to keep from passing out! Anyway, all of that water gets a little monotonous so I am adding fresh limes and strawberries...ahh, that's better! Someone at Brian's work told him that was awfully metro of him to have his strawberry lime water...he has since asked me to limit his to just lime!

Then we hit the road and I drive Brian to work....that's correct, my car is STILL not here! Anyway, we take this beautiful drive into work; it really is a "different" kind of pretty. Not Alabama beautiful green pretty, but pretty!

Then, I am off to navigate my way through the community, aka, locate all of the shopping centers!

Oh, you know, just the view outside of TARGET; Magnificent!

Then we make our way home from Brian's work...stunning views of the Santa Catalina Mountains...oh yeah that is me swerving all over the road; I am not texting, just trying to operate my little point and shoot camera!

Ahh, finally home! It does get cool at night so Brian likes to show me how efficient we can be by cooling off the house with the outside air (and yes that box fan)! I hear ya! But you move a girl to Arizona; pa-lease let me crank that A.C.!

Love you, miss you guys!!!