I would like to share...

some of our 4th of July weekend!
Our day's started around 6:30 am as Brian was gearing up for a day of fishing. I would make the coffee and smoked salmon/cream cheese bagels (yumm)! We'd have breakfast, soak ourselves in sunscreen and then set up shop on the beach. I refused to get in the water considering we saw a 3-4 foot shark, a flying spotted eagle ray (actually jumping out of the water; which i googled and they jump when they are being pursued, aka, SHARK), and lots of fishies!

Brian must have caught a dozen Lady fish and then he "hooked up on" this flounder...which is in our freezer...which i won't be eating...!

Of course we too enjoy long walks on the beach...

...But mainly because we would want to miss seeing something like this! A sweet mother snapping shots of her daughter lounging on the beach...for her new facebook profile pic! Love it!

(click image to enlarge)

Around 9:00 we watched an elaborate firework production put on by these people:
The Hilton Home, Paradise by the Sea

Architect: Arthur Dyson

That lasted for hours, so when our ADD kicked in we carried on with a lavish display of our own: sparklers!!!

We did a little crabbing (This little guy looked like he already found the oil spill)

And then we caught a ton of sand fleas that Brian would use for fishing bait the next day!